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This website provides my activities as composer, concert organist, pianist, harpsichordist or choir conductor. Feel free to browse among the rubrics and contact me if you are interested in any concert, composition, workshop, masterclass, private lessons, commissioned composition or other information. Thanks for your interest !

Unfortunately, my external recitals, and also the weekly organ noon concerts in the Minster of Maria Laach abbey, are cancelled for the present (November 2020) because of the actual situation of the Covid-19-pandemia. I will inform immediately, if concerts will be continued.

Stay blessed, healthy and „negative"

Aktuelles Video

Organ improvisation: Ouverture in the style of Richard Strauss

Next Events

2020 Dec 11, 07:30 pm
Organ concert
Dusseldorf, Germany
St. Anthony, Seifert-Muehleisen organ (1955/2016, IV/Ped/70)

2020 Dec 13, 07:00 pm
Organ Recital
St. Sebastian Church, Fasen Organ (2014, II/Ped/29 + nightingale + cymbel)

2020 Dec 20, 07:00 pm
Organ Recital
Andernach (Miesenheim)
St. Castor, Keates organ (1900) (Mertens 2012, III/Ped/29)

2021 Jan 17, 07:00 pm
Andernach (Miesenheim)
St. Castor, Keates organ (1900) (Mertens 2012, III/Ped/29)

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