John Dunstable1380 - 1453Chanson
John Redford1486 - 1547Hymnus "Exultet celum laudibus" / Versus "Te per orbem terrarum" / Glorificamus / Es more doctri mystico
Thomas Tallis1505 - 1585Felix Namque / Iam Lucis Orto sidere
William Byrd1543 - 1623A Medley / Miserere / Pavane / Passacaglia "The Bells"
William Inglot1554 - 1621The Leaves Be Greene
John Munday1555 - 1630Go from my Window !
Thomas Morley1557 - 1602Nancie / Alman
Nicholas Strogers1560 - 1620 (ca.)Fantasia
Peter Philipps1560 - 1635Trio in C
Giles Farnaby1560 - 1640Quodlings Delight
John Bull1562 - 1628Galliarda to my Lord Lumley's Paven / The King's Hunt / Salvator Mundi / Fantasia "Laet ons met herten reyne" / Fantasia on "Vexilla Regis" / Fantasia on "Puer nobis nascitur"
Thomas Tomkins1562 - 1656Worster Braules
John Dowland1563 - 1626Pavana Lachrymae
Nicolaus Farnaby1563 - 1640Nobody´s Gigge
William Tisdal1570 - 1605Pavana chromatica
Martin Peerson1572 - 1650Pavane / Piper's Paven
Orlando Gibbons1583 - 1625Pavane / Fantasia in a / Prelude
Nicolas Carleton1630 (died)Audi benigne conditor
John Blow1649 - 1708Vers in G Minor
Henry Purcell1659 - 1695Voluntary on tthe 100th Psalm Tune / Suite in C: Prelude / Cebell / March
William Croft1678 - 1727Voluntary in D Minor
Wiliam Hine1687 - 1730Voluntary in F / Flute Piece
Thomas Roseingrave1690 - 1766Voluntary G Minor
Maurice Greene1695 - 1755Voluntary in B Flat / Diapason Movement
John Travers1703 - 1758Cornet Voluntary / Trumpet Voluntary
Thomas Arne1710 - 1778Con Spirito / Allegro
John Keeble1711 - 1786Diapason Movement
William Boyce1711-1779Gavotte F Major / Allegro D Major / Diapason Movement / Voluntary in A Minor / Voluntary in D Minor / 10 different Voluntaries
John Stanley1712-1786Concertos in D, A and B Flat (arr. Franz Lehrndorfer) / Voluntary op VII / 9
John Alcock1715 - 1806Grave
John Worgan1724 - 1790Short Voluntary
William Walond1725 - 1770Siciliana
Charles Burney1726 - 1814Fughetta in A
John Bennett1735 - 1784Trumpet Voluntary / Diapason Movement / Adagio in F
Philip Hayes1738 - 1797Pastorale
William Selby1738 - 1798Voluntary in A
Jonathan Battishill1738 - 1801Air
Matthew Camidge1758 - 1844Gavotte in A Minor
Thomas Atwood1763 - 1838Cathedral Fugue
Samuel Wesley1766 - 1837Hornpipe / Prelude and Fugue / Introduction and Aria Cantabile
Francis Linley1771 - 1800Prelude in G
Vincent Novello1781-1861Diapason Melody in D
Samuel Sebastian Wesley1810-1876Short Piece in A Minor / Prelude C Minor / Choral Song and Fugue
Henry Smart1813-1879Prelude E Flat Major / Con Moto / Interlude E Flat Major / Prelude D Minor / Andante Grazioso F Major / A Festive March / Postlude in C Major
Edward Francis Rimbault1816-1876Andante
Edward John Hopkins1818-1901Andante tranquillo
William Thomas Best1826 - 1897Christmas Postlude "Sit laus plena, sit sonora"
George Calkin1829-1911Sortie in A Minor
Edward Bunnett1834 - 1923Ave Maria / Festive March
William Metcalfe1834-1909Berceuse
Edward Henry Thorne1834-1916Andante
Alfred Robert Gaul1837-1913Concluding Voluntary
John Francis Barnett1837-1916Andante con moto
Frederick Scotson Clark1840 - 1883Festal March in C Major
John Stainer1840-1901Andante A Flat Major / Prelude C Major / Reverie / Praeludium Pastorale / A Church Prelude / Finale alla Marcia / Adagio E Flat Major
Albert Lister-Peace1844 - 1912From "3rd Sonata da Camera": Cantilena
Roland Rodgers1847-1927Recessional March
Hubert Parry1848-1918Fantasy "The Wanderer"
Charles John Grey1849 - 1923Hymne Celeste
Thomas Adams1850-1918Vesper Melody / Alla Marcia / Short Prelude in F
Myles Birket Foster1851-1922Andante sostenuto
Charles Villiers Stanford1852-1924Fantasia and Toccata op. 57 / Prelude and Fugue C Minor op. 193/2 / Six Short Preludes and Postludes op. 101 / Prelude in Form einer Chaconne op. 88/2 / Praeludium Pastorale op. 88/5
Charles Lee Williams1853-1935Diapason Movement
Herbert Brewer1856-1928Prelude E Flat Major / Elegy / Cloister Garth / Meditation on the Name of BACH / Minuet and Trio / Marche Héroique
Edward Elgar1857-1934Organ Sonata in G Major op. 28
Basil Harwood1859 - 1949Two Sketches op. 18
Battison Haynes1859-1900Meditation
John Warriner1860-1938Processional March
Walter Galpin Alcock1861 - 1947Andante / Impromptu
Henry Elliot Button1861-1925Dona Nobis Pacem / Pax Vobiscum
Georges Mac-Master1862 - 1938Cantilene-Pastorale / Grand Choeur
John Ebenezer West1863-1929A Lament / Entreaty / Passacaglia / Harvest Song / Postlude / Contemplation / Festal Song / Organ Sonata in D Minor
William Faulkes1863-1933Sortie in A / Grand Choeur alla Haendel / Sonata in D Minor / "Hosannah" op. 183.4 / Festal Prelude "Lasst uns erfreuen" / Festal Prelude "Ein feste Burg" / Fanfare D-Dur op. 135/2 / Alleluia
William Wolstenholme1865-1931Communion B Flat Major / Communion F Major / Allegretto E-Dur
Alfred Hollins1865-1942A Song of Sunshine / Trumpet Minuet / Fantasy
J. Stuart Archer1866 - 1954Greensleeves / 3 Variations on Henlein
Edmondstoune Duncan1866-1920Ave Maria
Bruce Steane1866-1938Prayer
Herbert Botting1869-1909Rêverie
Cuthbert Harris1870-1932Andanto sostenuto / Evensong / Concluding Voluntary
Frederick Andrew Keene1871-1916Allegro con brio
Charles J. May1871-1945Adagio A Major
Ralph Vaughan-Williams1872-1958Three Preludes founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes: "Bryn Calfaria", "Rhosymedre", "Hyfrydol"
Edward C. Bairstow1874-1946Sonata in C Minor / Evening Song / Three short Preludes (including "Veni Emmanuel")
Ernest Markham Lee1874-1956Festal Postlude
Harvey Grace1877 - 1944A Christmas Postlude
Percy Fletcher1879-1932Fountain Reverie / Festival Toccata
Frank Bridge1879-1941Three Organ Pieces (Andante Moderato C Minor/Adagio E Major/Allegro con Spirito B Flat Major)
Geoffrey Shaw1879-1943Fantasia on Adeste Fideles
Herbert Arthur Chambers1880-1967Short Prelude
Frederick Septimus Kelly1881 - 1916A Christmas Prelude
William G. Ross1881-1928Meditation A Major
Frederick George Broadhead1883 - ?Short Voluntaries
George Dyson1883 - 1964Aus "Variations on Old Psalm Tunes": "Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go" (Gibbons), "O Lord, turn not away Thy face" (Pry´s Psalter), "God moves in a mysteriour way" (Scottish Psalter)
William H. Harris1883-1973Prelude G Major
Norman Cocker1889-1953Tuba Tune
Heathcote Statham1889-1973Rhapsody on a Ground
Craig Sellar Lang1891-1971Tuba Tune in D Major op.15 / Chorale Preludes op. 77 / Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue in A Minor / Prelude and Fugue in G Minor
Alec Rowley1892 - 1958Symphony in B minor / Fantasia on "Veni Immanuel"
Herbert Howells1892-1983Three Psalm Preludes op. 32
Herbert Sumsion1899-1995Saraband and Interlude / Ceremonial March / Procession
Percy Whitlock1903-1946Pastorale / Plaint / Exultemus / Preambule / After an Old French Air / Pazienzia / Dolcezza / Allegretto / Folk Tune / Andante Tranquillo / Darwall's 148th / Song 13 (Gibbons) / Werde munter / Plymouth Suite
Robin Milford1903-1959In Dulci Iubilo / Come, All You Worthy Gentlemen
John R. Watkinson1904 - 1972Christmas Prelude on "Divinum Mysterium"
Herbert Murrill1909-1952Carillon
Benjamin Britten1913-1976Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Vittoria
William Lloyd Webber1914 - 1982Four quiet Interludes
Francis Jackson1917 (born)March in C
Desmond Ratcliffe1917-2001Meditation on "The Infant King"
John Birley1919 - 2002Choralvorspiel "Sagt an, wer ist doch Diese"
Noel Rawsthorne1929 - 2019Prelude on "The Londonderry Air" / A Hornpipe Humouresque
Grover Franklin Eddings1933 - 2014Reflections on "Oh my father"
Harrison Oxley1933-2009Prelude "Whence is that goodly fragrance ?"
William Mathias1934-1992Fanfare
Alan Ridout1934-1996Scherzo
Paul Drayton1944 (born)Pavane
David Lord1944 (born)Interlude
Robert Jones1945 (born)Contrasts (6 Organ Pieces)
John Rutter1945 (born)Toccata in Seven
Grayston Ives1948 (born)Processional
Bob Chilcott1955 (born)Sun Dance
John Madden1956 (born)Tuba Magna