“C’ etait une improvisation magnifique”
Olivier Latry, Paris

"You must share your great talent worldwide !!"
Father Jan Ligeza, St. Paul, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

“Merci beaucoup, Gereon, pour votre gentillesse, mais aussi votre réel talent d’ improvisation”
Thierry Escaich, Paris

“His skills as a player are on par with the top organists in the profession anywhere in the world, skills, which he demonstrates with consistency throughout his own activities. Moreover, he is one of the world’s leading exponents of the art of organ improvisation.”
Stephen Tharp, New York

“Gereon Krahforst is an organist of exceptional ability and talent. He plays a wide repertoire of all schools of organ music with style and flair, and, in addition, he is a brilliant improviser.”
John Scott, New York

“Rarely I have heard a more gifted and skilled organist.”
Horst Buchholz, Saint Louis

“He is one of the most creative and thoughtful organists that I know of anywhere. I can easily say that his talents and captivities are unparalleled.”
Philipp Kloeckner, Chicago

“Pierreon Krachereau !!”
Wolfgang Gourgé