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Eugene Thayer1838 - 1889Variations on O Sanctissima ("O Du froehliche")
Lucien Gates Chaffin1846 - 1927Serenade
Emma Louise Ashford1850 - 1937Evening Hymn
Walter Spinney1853 - 1894Berceuse (Cradle Song)
John Allison West1853 - 1913Melody
George Whitefield Chadwick1854 - 1931Ten Canonic Studies op.12
John Hyatt Brewer1856 – 1931 An April Song
James Hotchkiss Rogers1857 - 1940Miniature Suite
Peter Christian Lutkin1858 - 1931Postlude
Peter Christian Lutkin1858 - 1931Prelude on "Crown him with many Crowns" (Ascensiontide) / Reverie
George Balch Nevin1859 - 1933A Shepherd´s Evening Prayer
Henry Johnson Storer1860 - 1935Grand Chorus
George Whitfield Andrews1861 - 1932Con Grazia
Raymond Huntington Woodman1861 - 1943Cantilene
George F. Hamer1862 - 1945Communion
Horatio Parker1863 - 1919Five sketches op.32 / Postlude
Edwin H. Lemare1865 - 1934Liebestraum op. 55 / Home, sweet Home / Caprice orientale op. 46 / Sunset op. 69 / October Serenade op. 120 / Intermezzo “Moonlight” op. 83,2 / 2nd Symphony D Minor op. 50
Frank Renard1866 - 1934Suite for the organ
Ralph Hamon Bellairs1867 - ?Epic Ode, tone poem for organ / Echoes
Flaxington Harker1867 - 1902Two organ pieces: In the twilight / Meditation
Thomas Tertius Noble1867 - 1953Revery
Scott Joplin1868 - 1917The Entertainer (own arr.)
Bernhard Johnson1868 - 1935Aubade in D Flat
Louis Adolphe Coerne1870 - 1922The River of Life
Alfred Jethro Silver1870 - 1940“Jubilate Deo”
Will C. Macfarlane1870 - 1945Serenade for organ
Russell King Miller1871 - 1939Festival Prelude op. 11
Frank E. Ward1872 - ?Humoreske
Felix Borowski1872 - 1956Orgelsonate Nr. 1 a-moll / Orgelsonate Nr. 2 C-Dur
Abe Holzmann1874 - 1939Blaze away (arr. by Gabriel Dessauer)
Clifford Demarest1874 - 1946Aria in D / Canzona in G
Frank Howard Warner1875 - ?A Midsummer Idyl
Mark Andrews1875 - 1939March on Easter Themes
Ralph Kinder1876 - 1952Toccata in D
Pietro A. Yon1886 - 1943Advent: First Religious Suite
Walter Lewis1890 (geb. ca.)Postlude in C
Van Denman Thompson1890 - 1969Wonderful words of life
Thomas Frederick Handel Candlyn1892 - 1964Easter Postlude based on "O Filii et Filiae" / Prelude on "Divinum mysterium" / Prelude on "Rockingham"
Leo Sowerby1895 - 1963Sonatine / A joyous March / Comes Autumn Time / Madrigal / Oriental Sketch
Virgil Thomson1896 - 1989Variations on a Sunday School Tune
Aaron Copland1900 - 1990Preambule for a solemn occasion
Carl G. L. Bloom1903 - 1964A Short Suite on Favorite Christmas Carols
Guy Henry Eltridge1904 - 1976Fanfare
Paul Creston1906 - 1985Prayer
Leroy Anderson1908 - 1975The Typewriter (arr. by Engelbert Schoen)
William Maag Felton1910 - 1930 (!)Moonlight on the chapel
Samuel Barber1910-1981Adagio for Strings (arr. William Strickland)
Myron J. Roberts1912 - 2004Homage to Perotin
Vincent Persichetti1915 - 1987Toccata “Inflame and fire our hearts”
Dorothy Wells1915 - 2012Psalm of Glory
Searle Wright1918 - 2004A Latvian Mosaic
Gordon Young1919 - 1998Toccata / Fanfare / Ricercare on St. Anne / Jubilee Suite
Paul Manz1919 - 20096 Advent Improvisations / Reprise / Aria
Alec Wyton1921 - 2007Fanfare
David Johnson1922-1987Trumpet Tunes F, D, B Major
Daniel Pinkham1923 - 2006“Ponder this in your Heart” / “And All the Bells rang out the Good News” / Variations on Advent Hymn "O Come, Emmanuel" / From "Saints' Days": St. Paul, St. Brigid of Ireland, St. Gabriel, St. George, St. Asaph, St. John the Baptist, St. Christopher
Ned Rorem1923 (geb.)Elms / The World of Silence
Arthur Wills1926 - 2020Fanfare
Evan Copley1930 - 2018Fantasy on "Joy to the World"
Betty Roe1930 (born)Andante
Ronald Arnatt1930 (geb.)Prelude for Passiontide
Larry King1932 - 1990Resurrection
Grover Franklin Eddings1933 - 2014Reflections on "Oh my Father"
Richard Lloyd1933 (born)Exeunt omnes
Gerre Hancock1934 - 2012Prelude on “Slane”; Air
Lani Smith1934 - 2015Abide in me, and I in you
Alan Ridout1934 (born)Scherzo / From the South Sea Islands
Norman Warren1934 (born)Festival March
Conrad Susa1935 (geb.)March for a joyous occasion
Calvin Hampton1938 - 1984In Praise of Humanity
William Bolcom1938 (born)Gospel Prelude "Amazing Grace"
John Weaver1938 (born)Toccata
Gilbert M. Martin1941 (born)A festive Trumpet Tune / A Dancer Prelude / Fanfare on an original theme
Diane Bish1941 (born)Toccata on "Hark, the Herald Angels sing"
Rosalie Bonington1942 (born)Joyful Recessional / Light-Hearted Recessional
June Nixon1942 (born)Prologue to a Ceremony
Gerald Near1942 (born)Carillon on an Ukrainian Bell Carol / A Franciscan Organ Book
McNeil Robinson1943 (geb.)Encore, Feuxfollets, Lamento
William Albright1944 - 1998An Evening Dance
Dan Locklair1949 (born)Rubrics (Suite)
Michael Thorn1950 (born)Blues
David Hurd1950 (geb.)Evening Song
Libby Larsen1950 (geb.)Sonata in One Movement “Kalenda maya”
Charles Callahan1951 (born)An Advent Suite / A Christmas Suite / A Lenten Suite / An Easter Suite / Easter Glory / The Gentle Spirit (Three quiet Pieces) / 6 Hymn Postludes (including: Fanfare to Christ the King) / A Lyric Suite / Patriotic Suite / Gregorian Suite / Suite on Afro-American Hymn Tunes / Suite in C
Alfred J. Fedak1953 (born)Trumpet Processional
Andrew Moore1954 (born)Toccatino
David German1954 (geb.)Festive Trumpet Tune in F
Michael Burkhardt1957 (born)Ah, holy Jesus ! (Six Lenten Hymn Improvisations)
Stuart Landon1959 (born)Variations on St. Peter ("In Christ there is no East or West")
David Paxton1961 (born)I am thine, o Lord / A place of rest
Carson Cooman1982 (born)Radegund Variations / Flourish in D / Toccata in a
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