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Eugene Thayer1838 - 1889Variations on O Sanctissima ("O Du froehliche")
Emma Louise Ashford1850 - 1937Evening Hymn
Walter Spinney1853 - 1894Berceuse (Cradle Song)
John Allison West1853 - 1913Melody
George Whitefield Chadwick1854 - 1931Ten Canonic Studies op.12
James Hotchkiss Rogers1857 - 1940Toccatina
Peter Christian Lutkin1858 - 1931Postlude
Peter Christian Lutkin1858 - 1931Prelude on "Crown him with many Crowns" (Ascensiontide) / Reverie
George Balch Nevin1859 - 1933A Shepherd´s Evening Prayer
Raymond Huntington Woodman1861 - 1943Cantilene
George F. Hamer1862 - 1945Communion
Horatio Parker1863 - 1919Five sketches op.32 / Postlude
Edwin H. Lemare1865 - 1934Caprice orientale op. 46 / October Serenade op. 120 / Intermezzo “Moonlight” op. 83,2 / 2nd Symphony D Minor op. 50
Frank Renard1866 - 1934Suite for the organ
Ralph Hamon Bellairs1867 - ?Epic Ode, tone poem for organ / Echoes
Flaxington Harker1867 - 1902Two organ pieces: In the twilight / Meditation
Thomas Tertius Noble1867 - 1953Revery
Scott Joplin1868 - 1917The Entertainer (own arr.)
Bernhard Johnson1868 - 1935Aubade in D Flat
Louis Adolphe Coerne1870 - 1922The River of Life
Alfred Jethro Silver1870 - 1940“Jubilate Deo”
Will C. Macfarlane1870 - 1945Serenade for organ
Russell King Miller1871 - 1939Festival Prelude op. 11
Frank E. Ward1872 - ?Humoreske
Abe Holzmann1874 - 1939Blaze away (arr. by Gabriel Dessauer)
Clifford Demarest1874 - 1946Aria in D / Canzona in G
Frank Howard Warner1875 - ?A Midsummer Idyl
Ralph Kinder1876 - 1952Toccata in D
Pietro A. Yon1886 - 1943Advent: First Religious Suite
Walter Lewis1890 (geb. ca.)Postlude in C
Van Denman Thompson1890 - 1969Wonderful words of life
Thomas Frederick Handel Candlyn1892 - 1964Easter Postlude based on "O Filii et Filiae" / Prelude on "Divinum mysterium" / Prelude on "Rockingham"
Leo Sowerby1895 - 1963Sonatine / A joyous March / Comes Autumn Time / Madrigal / Oriental Sketch
Virgil Thomson1896 - 1989Variations on a Sunday School Tune
Aaron Copland1900 - 1990Preambule for a solemn occasion
Paul Creston1906 - 1985Prayer
Leroy Anderson1908 - 1975The Typewriter (arr. by Engelbert Schoen)
William Maag Felton1910 - 1930 (!)Moonlight on the chapel
Samuel Barber1910-1981Adagio for Strings (arr. William Strickland)
Myron J. Roberts1912 - 2004Homage to Perotin
Vincent Persichetti1915 - 1987Toccata “Inflame and fire our hearts”
Searle Wright1918 - 2004A Latvian Mosaic
Gordon Young1919 - 1998Toccata / Fanfare / Ricercare on St. Anne
Paul Manz1919 - 20096 Advent Improvisations / Reprise / Aria
Alec Wyton1921 - 2007Fanfare
David Johnson1922-1987Trumpet Tunes F, D, B Major
Daniel Pinkham1923 - 2006“Ponder this in your Heart” / “And All the Bells rang out the Good News” / Variations on Advent Hymn "O Come, Emmanuel" / From "Saints' Days": St. Paul, St. Brigid of Ireland, St. Gabriel, St. George, St. Asaph, St. John the Baptist, St. Christopher
Ned Rorem1923 (geb.)Elms / The World of Silence
Betty Roe1930 (born)Andante
Ronald Arnatt1930 (geb.)Prelude for Passiontide
Larry King1932 - 1990Resurrection
Grover Franklin Eddings1933 - 2014Reflections on "Oh my Father"
Gerre Hancock1934 - 2012Prelude on “Slane”; Air
Lani Smith1934 - 2015Abide in me, and I in you
Alan Ridout1934 (born)Scherzo / From the South Sea Islands
Norman Warren1934 (born)Festival March
Conrad Susa1935 (geb.)March for a joyous occasion
Calvin Hampton1938 - 1984In Praise of Humanity
William Bolcom1938 (born)Gospel Prelude "Amazing Grace"
John Weaver1938 (born)Toccata
Gilbert M. Martin1941 (born)A festive Trumpet Tune
Rosalie Bonington1942 (born)Joyful Recessional
McNeil Robinson1943 (geb.)Encore, Feuxfollets, Lamento
William Albright1944 - 1998An Evening Dance
David Hurd1950 (geb.)Evening Song
Libby Larsen1950 (geb.)Sonata in One Movement “Kalenda maya”
Charles Callahan1951 (born)An Advent Suite / A Christmas Suite / A Lenten Suite / An Easter Suite / Easter Glory / The Gentle Spirit (Three quiet Pieces) / 6 Hymn Postludes (including: Fanfare to Christ the King) / A Lyric Suite / Patriotic Suite / Gregorian Suite / Suite on Afro-American Hymn Tunes / Suite in C
Alfred J. Fedak1953 (born)Trumpet Processional
Andrew Moore1954 (born)Toccatino
David German1954 (geb.)Festive Trumpet Tune in F
Michael Burkhardt1957 (born)Ah, holy Jesus ! (Six Lenten Hymn Improvisations)
Stuart Landon1959 (born)Variations on St. Peter ("In Christ there is no East or West")
David Paxton1961 (born)I am thine, o Lord / A place of rest
Carson Cooman1982 (born)Radegund Variations / Flourish in D